Appointment required for new consignors & wait in store drop off. No appointment necessary for drop & donate.
Appointment required for new consignors & wait in store drop off. No appointment necessary for drop & donate.
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For new consignors:
  • Please read through our how to consign page.
  • Call to schedule an appointment.  
For established consignors:
  • An appointment is required if you would like to wait while we go through your items so you can take back anything we do not accept for consignment. Please limit your drop off to 20 items max. Clothing must be on hangers. Call to schedule an appointment. 336-724-2547
  • If you give us permission to donate anything that we cannot accept for consignment, no appointment is necessary. Clothing must be on hangers. No maximum number of items.   
  • Email photos of larger items ahead of time to   

We look forward to seeing you!


return policy

snob does not accept returns or exchanges. When an item is purchased, the consignor is immediately paid. All sales are final. 

shipping policy

Not all items are available for shipping. If you purchase an item that cannot be shipped we will notify you within 2 business days of purchase. 
While we do everything in our power to ensure safe delivery of all purchases we cannot guarantee items will not be damaged in transit. Items found with damage must be reported to us within 5 business days upon receipt. 

counterfeit designer goods

Snob does not sell counterfeit designer goods. Items that cannot be verified by our research or the owner's documentation will not be marked in for sale.

Our pledge to our Consignors and Customers:

If you buy a counterfeit designer item at our shop we will refund your money AND replace the item with a similar, authentic item from snob. If a consignor repeatedly attempts to consign counterfeit goods, their account will be terminated. 


Why this policy:

Counterfeit designer goods are manufactured and sold by international terrorist organizations and organized crime syndicates, to fund a host of crime operations like human trafficking, drug trafficking, and intellectual property theft. Criminals are profiting from counterfeit goods. Period.

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