drop off appointments

Appointments are required for all consignor drop-offs. This is a policy we started during COVID and will continue going forward. We have found that this not only keeps us more organized, but customers love the guarantee that there are new items in the store every single day. Give us a call to schedule. 336-724-2547

return policy

snob does not accept returns. When an item is purchased, the consignor is immediately paid. However, on some household items such as rugs, furniture and window treatments, we do allow a 4 hour approval period with a credit card deposit.

counterfeit designer goods

snob does not sell counterfeit designer goods. Items that cannot be verified by our research or the owner's documentation will not be marked in for sale.

Our pledge to our Consignors and Customers:

If you buy a counterfeit designer item at our shop we will refund your money AND replace the item with a like, authentic item from the snob.


Why this policy:

Counterfeit designer goods are manufactured and sold by international terrorist organizations and organized crime syndicates, to fund a host of crime operations like human trafficking, drug trafficking, and intellectual property theft. Criminals are profiting from counterfeit goods. Period.

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