who we are

The Snob Shop is a locally owned consignment shop located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Since our opening in 1974, Snob has been owned and operated by women. Snob’s goal is to provide customers with high quality, fairly priced offerings while providing consignors the best return on consigned items. After being in business for almost 50 years, we have become a part of our customer’s lives; many shopping and consigning with us for decades and continuing to shop with us even after moving away. We recognize and appreciate the loyalty that has kept us here and prosperous.

Why shop local resale?

One reason is because up to 70% of the money you spend goes to your neighbor; every purchase helps provide stable jobs and helps strengthen the local tax base, keeping your money in the community.

Consignment is the ultimate form of recycling

Consignment increases an item's lifespan while lowering its environmental impact by preventing items from ending up in a landfill. The manufacturing and consumption of products account for 70% of emissions, highlighting the need for mindful consumption and circular lifecycles for products. The Snob Shop takes its responsibility to the environment very seriously; we don't use disposable shopping bags and use only recycled materials for packing.

Consignment shops have a selection of genuinely unique items; making playing and experimenting with your style more affordable and accessible. You can find products that have never been used in addition to gently used items. Maybe you’ve dreamed of owning a designer item. At The Snob Shop, we take great care to authenticate designer goods so you can be sure you've purchased a genuine designer item.